Did you know that at Torrestir we have customs solutions in the company by TorresAduana?

The main function of a company’s Customs Process department is to facilitate international trade in goods, ensuring that all customs procedures and formalities associated with exports and imports are carried out.

Companies can hire the Customs Representation service from an external organisation such as official brokers or they can open an internal customs department by hiring an official broker.

An official broker is a technician with specialised training who has extensive knowledge of international trade matters and can help at the various stages of the buying and selling process with fundamental matters such as origin, value and tariff classification.

In the customs process, the customs broker is the intermediary between exporters/importers and the various customs authorities.


It is a national benchmark in the area of transport and logistics, which is always developing solutions to meet the needs of our customers, supporting their growth. Having a customs service department within the group helps make the customs process simpler, faster and more worry-free for our customers.

With this in mind, in 2020, Mr Fernando Torres created TorresAduana as a response to the needs of our customers who prefer to have a complete service carried out by Torrestir.

TorresAduana currently has a group of specialised technicians under the coordination of Official Broker Paulo Sousa, and offers the following services:

  • Export Clearance
  • Release for free circulation
  • Luggage (private individuals)
  • Car legalisation
  • Customs Warehouse Certification
  • Documentation of origin (EUR. 1, A.TR1 and certificates of origin)
  • etc

Above all, we also offer solutions tailored to your business, helping with the customs management of your international trade processes.

Send us your message and we’ll respond as soon as possible according to your needs.

In conclusion, we have customs solutions in-house!


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