Torrestir always has the best solution for you, regardless of your business area. We offer a complete range of services, from import to export, from warehousing to distribution, in a wide range of operational areas, providing you with complete control and information on the entire handling process of your merchandise.

Meet our main activity areas

Pharma & Healthcare

Setor Pharma Torrestir

Over the years we have been following the evolution of the pharmaceutical sector, placing at its disposal highly specialized and differentiated services in logistics area and transportation.


Setor Retalho Torrestir

Due to the industry’s demand, we have platforms strategically located throughout the country and one great diversity of vehicles, that allows us to deliver your order anywhere, anytime.

Perishable Goods

Setor Perecivel Torrestir

In perishable industry, success depends on a logistics provider that ensures the optimum transportation and fresh control of these products, safeguarding their integrity, prolonging the life span and minimizing waste.

Food and Drink

Setor Alimentar e Bebidas Torrestir

In a fast-growing, highly competitive sector with very specific requirements, we make good food distribution practices available so that food safety standards are always guaranteed.


Setor Fashion Torrestir

Exclusivity, security, and speed are three keywords in this sector. With high experience in this ​​business area, we design solutions tailored to each client to meet the specifics of each business model.


Setor Automotive Torrestir

Being one of the most demanding sectors where Just-In-Time requirements are essential, we rely on a global network and specialized employees to ensure precision and competitiveness in improving performance and reducing costs.


Setor Tecnologia Torrestir

Being a constantly changing and developing sector, where security and deadlines are a necessity, we offer a differentiating solution that allows us to have complete control of the order.

Renewable Energies

Setor Energias Renovaveis Torrestir

At Torrestir we believe in a sustainable future and, therefore, we created special logistics solutions for three different types of energy resources. Wind, solar and bioenergy. In order to optimize the supply chain of our customers.

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