Pick-up and delivery in 24h

We offer distribution services with pick-up and delivery up to 24 hours, of all types of parcels in Portugal and Spain. Our cross-docking platforms are strategically located for our customers convenience.

Torrestir with a fleet over 600 vehicles and specialized human resources (company staff), has consolidated its leadership in the national market over the years.

Torrestir Service 10h 13h 18h
Torrestir 10-13-18

Save time with the Torrestir 10-13-18 service, and ensure your orders are delivered by 10:00 am, 1:00 p.m. or 6:00 p.m., in the business day following pick-up date.

Torrestir Overnight Service
Torrestir Overnight

At Torrestir we always try to give more and better to our customers and it’s with that in mind that we have available this specific option of overnight delivery between 10pm and 7am.

Torrestir NonStop Service
Torrestir Non-Stop

We always guarantee your order where, when and how you want. With Torrestir Non-Stop service, we guarantee delivery on weekends and holidays.

Torrestir City Service
Torrestir City

Service Torrestir City offers a personalized service adapted to customers activity, with pick-up and delivery in the same day in big cities.

Torrestir Express Service
Torrestir Express

For your urgent deliveries, scheduled or even with defined time deliveries, choose Torrestir Express service for a fast and reliable delivery.

Torrestir Islands Service
Torrestir Islands

For your orders to archipelagos of Madeira and Azores, we have available Torrestir Islands service. We use air or sea transport with local distribution.

Crossing roads from North to South of the country in a daily basis

Our platforms are strategically positioned from north to south of the country, in order to reduce transit times and provide better access to our customers.

We have daily lines between platforms, and a well-implemented door-to-door distribution network, which is an advantage for products motion between places.


Have any questions?

For quoting requests, please send an email with all the information needed about your package to this address comercial@torrestir.com or in Quote Request” section.

National dispatches are delivered in destination within an agreed period of 24 hours (except to islands). Deliveries are made from Monday to Friday during normal business hours.

Torrestir provides an information technology system suitable for their customers. Through the portal, they can get all the information needed. In addition, systems can be integrated into the customer’s computing environment.

You can send as many orders you would like to. Please contact one of our branch offices to make an order or send us an e-mail with all the information (pick-up day, parcel measures, load and unload place).

You can leave your orders in any of our branches. Check out where you can find one at Locations.

Pickup and delivery up to 24h

We offer distribution services with pickup and delivery up to 24 hours, of all kinds of goods in Portugal and Spain.

From North to South of the country

We have our own platforms, strategically positioned from north to south of the country, reducing transit times and providing better access.

Adapted services

With our own fleet and specialized human resources, we offer several national distribution services adapted to costumer needs.