Simplified customs procedures

An important factor for international transportation is associated with customs procedures.

Torresaduana has a department specialized in customs procedures, ensuring that all customs formalities for incoming and outgoing shipments are handled in a fast, smooth and competent manner.

Import - Export
Import / Export Services

Through our specialized team of collaborators in customs concepts, in order to support their import and export processes, we offer our customers the following services:

  • Dispatches
  • Free circulation
  • Luggage (private individuals)
  • Customs warehouses
  • Documentation of origin (EUR.1, A.TR1 and origin certificates)
Global Customs
Global Customs Guarantee

We provide our clients with a security deposit, which allows a faster customs clearance, as well as advantages in deferring the payment of their taxes.


We collect the information and send monthly to the National Statistics Institute (INE), the declarations of transactions of goods sent and received between countries.

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Community Transit
  • Own Warranty
  • Nacional
  • International
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Customs clarifications

Our specialized team in customs procedures works daily to ensure the simplicity of import and export processes. In this sense, we offer you the best clarification in order to ensure that the goods transported are not held in customs.

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Through an analysis of your company’s processes, our customs consultants also offer you all the necessary advice in the most diverse areas of customs clearance, contributing to the optimization of your customs activities and internal procedures.

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Individual solutions

Our multidisciplinary team allows us to act in the various stages of customs clearance, with solutions tailored to each type of cargo. We offer you tailor-made solutions for your business, ensuring a reduction in the time your cargo stays at customs and the associated costs.

Assistance in over 180 countries

Through our own services and / or using our agents, we handle your customs formalities, quickly solving any customs problem and ensuring the assistance in more than 180 countries of customs formalities for import, export and transit.

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National dispatches are delivered in destination within an agreed period of 24 hours (except to islands). Deliveries are made from Monday to Friday during normal business hours.

Torrestir provides an information technology system suitable for their customers. Through the portal, they can get all the information needed. In addition, systems can be integrated into the customer’s computing environment.

You can send as many orders you would like to. Please contact one of our branch offices to make an order or send us an e-mail with all the information (pick-up day, parcel measures, load and unload place).

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Specialized in customs procedures

We have a department specialized in customs procedures, ensuring that all customs formalities are handled smoothly and competently.

Assistance in over 180 countries

We quickly solve customs problems and guarantee assistance in more than 180 countries with import, export and transit customs formalities.

Specialized collaborators

Through our team of specialized collaborators, we provide clarification on customs concepts, advice and individual solutions.