Frigotir is part of Torrestir Group allowing its expansion in the transport andtemperature controlled logistics.

With more than 40 years of experience, Frigotir’s mission is to organize thetransport of goods in compliance with the requirementsand needs of eachcustomer and the specificity of the products, always promoting the professional andpersonal development of its employees, as well the market consolidation of thecompany.

With this service we guarantee total security of your goods at the right time, withdaily services all arround the country.

Integrated services

We specialize in logistics and shipping of foodstuffs in controlled temperatures (positive cold and negative cold), offering integrated supply chain management services that add value to your business

Gestão de paletes Torrestir

We ensure compliance with perishable product storage requirements.

  • Relieves producers and retailers
  • Reduces storage space
Torrespharma - Entregas Just in time

From logistics to shipping, we manage different categories of perishableproducts.

  • Monitoring throughout the entire process.
  • Management of different leves: fresh, frozen, thermosensivite.

Supply chain management.
Compliance with sector requirements.
Different temperature levels.

Efficient transportation

Torrestir also guarantees efficient and secure transportation of goods by providing a specialized service to organize shipping according to product specificities, promoting daily groupage shipping with online monitoring of temperature control along the route.


Specialized supply chain management service for the food and perishables industry.

  • Safeguards integrity-
  • Prolongs shelf life.
  • Minimizes Waste.
Setor Perecivel Torrestir

Na indústria perecível, é essencial garantir que os produtos cheguem às prateleiras dos supermercados de forma rápida e com a máxima frescura, seja em Portugal ou nos restantes países Europeus-um desafio sobretudo para Portugal, por ser um país periférico.

O sucesso desta indústria depende também de um fornecedor de logística que garanta o transporte e controlo otimizado desses produtos, salvaguardando a sua integridade, prolongando a vida útil e minimizando o desperdício.

Torrestir Logistica Lean
Logistics Services
We offer solutions tailored to each client’s specific needs and provideintegratedservices that add value to your business.
  • Shipping
  • Co-packing
  • Customizing
  • Just-in-time
  • Post-Production
  • Stock management
  • Storage
  • Request processing
  • Labelling
  • Repacking
  • Total product traceability
  • Inventory management (FIFO, FEFO, batch number, serial number)
Setor Alimentar e Bebidas Torrestir
For the perishable secto

Tailored solutions in logistics, stock management, and shipping to manufacturersand distributors, with careful management of different product categories (freshfoods, frozen foods, temperature-sensitive products).

This service is dedicated to the logistics and shipping of fruits and vegetables allacross the country and throughout Europe, picked up from the producer anddelivered in 24 hours via an effective daily groupage shipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still in doubt?

For price or quote request, you must send an e-mail with all the shipping information to the e-mail address comercial@torrestir.com or through our Quote Request area.

Domestic shipments are delivered to their destination within an agreed period of 24 hours (except lhas). Deliveries are made Monday through Friday during normal business hours.

Torrestir provides customers with an information technology system suitable for customers. Through the portal, they can get all the information. In addition, the systems can be integrated into the customers’ IT environment.

You can send as many orders as you wish. Go to one of our branches to make the shipment and/or send us an e-mail with all the information (day for pickup, measurements of the goods, place of loading and unloading).

You can drop off your orders at any Torrestir branch. See our branches in the “Contacts” section of the website.

The right partner

Frigotir ensures the delivery of the goods at the destination in good packing and refrigeration conditions, guaranteeing the availability of your order with a solution designed for the specific needs of each customer.

Goods at the right time

With this service we guarantee the total security of your merchandise at the right time, with daily services for the entire national territory.

A specialized service

At Frigotir we have advanced control and communication technologies and specialized human resources to meet the good practices in the distribution of goods with controlled temperature between 2º to 8º and 15º to 25º.