Special transports tailored to each business

Through Contentorres we offer special services tailored to each business, requiring specialized human resources and modern technology to ensure the effectiveness of each delivery and the flow continuity of your business.

Among the special transport services we highlight the transport of refrigerated containers; dump trailers for bulk cargo, such as cereals, plastic, scrap, among other raw materials; transport of heavy goods with excess measures; capacity for transport up to 2 containers with 20″, cargo up to 60t of gross weight and ADR transport, for parcels requiring special safety precautions.

Transportes especiais Torrestir
Refrigerated Containers

We are specialized in containers with temperature control (refrigerated containers). In addition to 40 “clip on” generators, we have the capacity to connect more than 50 containers in Leixões and Lisbon parks.

Transportes especiais Torrestir 2
Semi Dump Trailers

To meet each customer needs with specialized services, through Contentorres, we have available equipment for dumping containers with bulk cargo, such as cereals, plastic, scrap, among other raw materials.

Mercadorias com excesso de medida e peso
Excess of measures and weight

In order to create successful partnerships, through Contentorres, we provide equipment for transporting your goods that have excess measures and weight.

Double-trailers Torrestir

Contentorres has a modern fleet and recently purchased tractor sets of 3 axles + 2 trailers with 2 + 3 axles, capable of transporting up to 2 containers of 20″ each, with a load of up to 60t gross weight.

Transporte ADR Torrestir
ADR Transport

Contentorres offers differentiated services specialized in ADR transport, for parcels requiring special safety precautions, trained personnel and prevention equipment.


Still with questions?

For quoting requests, please send an email with all the information needed about your package to this address comercial@torrestir.com or request for a quote here.

National dispatches are delivered in destination within an agreed period of 24 hours (except to islands). Deliveries are made from Monday to Friday during normal business hours.

Torrestir provides an information technology system suitable for their customers. Through the portal, they can get all the information needed. In addition, systems can be integrated into the customer’s computing environment.

You can send as many orders you would like to. Please contact one of our branch offices to make an order or send us an e-mail with all the information (pick-up day, parcel measures, load and unload place).

You can leave your orders in any of our branches. Check out where you can find one at Locations.

Modern equipment

We have equipment with modern technology that ensures the effectiveness and security of each delivery to provide continuity to the flow of your business.

Specialized human resources

We have a team with adequate training for the operation and control of each type of special transport, ensuring effectiveness in the provided service.

Real-time monitoring

We offer online monitoring services for temperature control throughout the entire course, and tracking with Track & Trace, with constant online updates.